Recovering Obstructive Lung Disease (ROLD) Clinic

The ROLD Clinic is a once weekly specialty clinic at the Jesse Brown Veterans Administration. It is staffed by Dr. Joshua Hauser (Palliative Care Attending), Dr. Jerry Krishnan (Pulmonary Attending), Dr. Valentin Prieto-Centurion (Pulmonary Fellow), Dr. Farhan Zaidi (Pulmonary Fellow), Lourdes Norwick (Registered Nurse) and Nina Bracken (Advanced Practice Nurse).

rold staff

The ROLD Clinic is designed for patients who were recently discharged from the hospital following an acute chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) exacerbation.  It is comprised of dedicated staff that includes a pulmonary and palliative care attending, a registered nurse, pulmonary fellow and an advanced practice nurse. Our staff provides in-depth education to help patients understand and better manage their COPD.

We have a multi-disciplinary approach to care transition by collaborating with Respiratory Therapy, Social Work, Pharmacy, Smoking Cessation, Palliative Care, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Primary Care and other Specialists. We work to provide patients the necessary referrals in to make their transition to home successful and prevent future hospitalizations for COPD.

The ROLD clinic structure includes 3 visits that will help stage the disease, determine the usefulness of current medications as well as assess and address the patients’ self-management needs. Clinic visits cover the following:

  •  Detailed medical history
  •  Review of discharge instructions
  •  Physical exam
  •  Medication reconciliation
  •  Patient reported health outcomes
  •  Inhaler teach-to-goal technique instruction
  •  Spirometry (lung function testing)
  •  6-minute walk test
  •  Advance directive forms
  •  COPD education
  •  Smoking cessation
  •  Referrals as needed (e.g., pulmonary rehabilitation, smoking cessation clinic, Cardiology)


Graphic 1 ROLD webpage

Lourdes, ROLD Clinic nurse, has over 20 years of experience caring for patients with lung disease.  She shows Pulmonary Fellows, Drs. Prieto-Centurion and Zaidi, and Nina Bracken, APN, the ins and outs of supplemental oxygen E tanks.

oxygen tank

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